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Understanding Medical Device Technologies

Medical devices habe to be explained, doctors and patients want to be informed and advised. The most innovative products should be adequately communicated.

As a former CE-certified manufacturer, we understand the products and the needs of manufacturers, users and patients. We offer efficient and effective consulting and project management and professional production of communications and media training from a hand and help you to present your products at trade fairs and congresses.

Planning of Total Hip Arthroplasty

Media Production

We design and produce media for communication, marketing and training of your medical devices: print and online, video and audio. We also convey complex information clearly.

SIJ Fusion Techniques
3D-animation of the sacroiliac joint, generated from DICOM data

Medical Science and Device Development

Our consulting and project management services can assist you in the development and market introduction, organization of studies, distribution, and training of medical personnel. Development of your marketing and promotion media, event organization and summaries of your event in audio-, video- and print media are part of our core competence.



Event Organization
Watch the conference summary of ICSJS 2015