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The videos are uploaded for demonstration purpose and may not be copied. The sample videos were created for our clients Dymicron LLC/Ilionmedical Inc./Medovex Inc./SIGNUS Medizintechnik GmbH/SIMEG e.V. All rights reserved.

Creating medical media is an essential part of product development. Advertisement and marketing of medical devices is different from consumer goods. With our experience as a former CE certified manufacturer of spinal implants we reveal the true benefits of the product without over-emphasizing – 3D animation must tell the truth.

We offer

Medical Device Consulting:

  • ·        Consulting and project management services
  • ·        Assistance in the development and market introduction
  • ·        Organization of clinical trials
  • ·        Training of medical personnel (physical and virtual 3D-training)
  • ·        Event organization

Medical Media:

  • ·        Professional production of communications and training media
  • ·        Development of your marketing and promotion media
  • ·        Summaries of your event in audio-, video- and print media
  • ·        3D-Animation using DICOM-generated models
  • ·        Development of your corporate design incl. key visuals, logo and sound logos




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